What's Freedom Babe? - Album

by Mark DK Berry

Xterminator (free) 07:21
What's Freedom Babe? (free) 03:42
Leave Me High (free) 07:05
Potions (free) 04:46
Class Trip (free) 04:48
Pusher (free) 05:29
RichCraft (free) 03:49
Tribal (free) 04:09
System Sax (free) 05:30


What's Freedom Babe? (1992)

Mashup from the 90s, using Film and Music recorded from vinyl and VHS.

Remastered 2019 (Original mastering was in 2018)

This is entirely made from samples except for the last track. (see info below)

Equipment used in 1992: Akai S900 Sampler using Atari ST running Cubase 3. So, lots of bombs. The samples were recorded from vinyl but I do not recollect how I got them into the Akai.

Remastered in 2018 from a C90 Tape, Eq'd in Harbal, then Mastered in Cubase, finally summed through a BBird Onyx, then once more through Harbal to bring the levels up. The tape wobble is real and beautiful.

Samples used below, many more unknown. If anyone recognises anything in a track that is not in this list please let me know, I would love to remember what I used!

Track 1: Psychedelic Furs, Killing Joke, Naked Lunch (movie), Pink Floyd, Sky.
Track 2: Tone Loc, Gong
Track 3: Mike Oldfield, Midnight Express (movie), Kate Bush, Dire Straits.
Track 4: Cerrone, Lipps Inc, Age Of Love?
Track 5: Midnight Run (movie), The Damned, Coming to America (Movie), Iron Maiden, Tangerine Dream
Track 6: Steppenwolf
Track 7: Frank Zappa, Grand Master Flash
Track 8: Coming to America (movie)
Track 9: no samples I don't think.


released December 1, 1992




Mark DK Berry Australia

Check out the Music Videos in the YouTube link below.

Songwriter, musician, & producer in a variety of genres

Drum & Bass tracks released on Hospital Records, Med School & Bad Taste Records with Royalston

Progressive, Deep House, Chill Out DJ sets available on the Mixcloud account /mdkberry

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