City of Lights - Album

by Mark DK Berry

Wakin' Up 04:20
Coyote Blue 04:39
African Son 03:36
Some day 04:14
Moth Call 04:15


City Of Lights

Written and performed by Mark DK Berry - 2002
Remastered 2019

Written and recorded sometime during winter/spring of 2002 while living in Northolt, London and just a short distance from the end of the runway where the Battle of Britain was fought from during WWII.

The location seeped into the writing, especially the choice of the sound effects at start and end. This album also had a definite sense of being an ode to London and even England too. I had been in a long love affair with her, and this album held curious prophecies for me later in other ways too.

I like the mood of it, there is something haunting about it, and I didn't get out of my PJs much of the time while working on it. It's a shame I can't improve the mix, but it was amongst my early works that got lost due to bad file management in my early days of music production.

Original mixes were done on a cracked version of Logic and a recently acquired Apple Mac. The original tracks are lost to a computer crash in 2004. I found an older version of them with midi info, but it is almost impossible to recreate, as I used system messages to trigger a Korg Triton workstation for all of it except guitar parts which I played. The vocal lines are badly recorded, and I didn't know what a de-esser was back then, nor that you could use too much effect.

This is the last time that I will work on these tracks as unfortunately they would require a complete re-write to do properly, and I dont think I could capture the mood the same.

Sound FX:
Sound samples were from an old copyright-free sample CD out of the local library, I do not know what it was called. The final one is the actual recording of an air raid over London, the sirens, then the plane sounds and then the bombs, then the sirens signal it is over. A very different world in the 1940s.

Cover Photo:
The cover photo is a personal addition. It is taken from the penthouse suite of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, thanks to my bro (Nice one, bruvva!).

Around the same time I was writing this album, I was spending a lot of time in London Casinos playing a Roulette system that I devised after going to Vegas. I eventually stopped that nonsense, but I had fun while it lasted and did OK. The period of my life that I was in during the making of this album, really had begun with that photo taken in the winter of 2001.


released March 1, 2002


all rights reserved



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